I just updated my website with a few trailers I made for a cool kids’ book called Desmond Pucket!  Check them out!




Little-known fact: Jimmy and Mike Myers starred in a lot of movies together back in the day.

Where can I see “Ooops… We’re In Space”?
Where? Where?! WHERE??!!!!!

Hmm…probably the same theater where you can find “Lil’ Patriot” starring Jimmy and Paul Rudd.

And the rest of Mike Myers’ made for TV movie posters (I also made Gerbil-Cano)


Jimmy and Mike Myers look back at the posters from the movies that they appeared in together! (They are still getting residuals.)

Jimmy Fallon and Mike Myers admiring my handiwork on this fake movie poster.

Obama actually had some pretty funny lines at the dinner. But since he’s not a trained comedian, I think he was concerned that people wouldn’t know when to laugh, so he had a very interesting technique to make sure people knew when he got to the punchline…

Horn by yours truly.

(via fallontonight)

My film from 2007 was featured today by the Echo Park Film Center and guest curator Simon Tarr.  Check the write up here and watch the film above!

This is the first time the film has been available in sort-of-high-definition online!  Before today it was only available in glorious 240p on YouTube (née GoogleVideo).  This is my version of the Criterion Collection.

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